About Us

About Us

We use a standard translation quality control process that is applied differently depending on the nature of the translation project itself.

In the case of Malay software localization and Malay website translation, our project control focuses on the product usability, compatibility and marketability of the end product in the Malay speaking world.

When you work with us, you get professional Malay translation company that covers all the basis with its Malay language and other Asian language such as Chinese, Tamil, Vietnamese, Thailand, Japanese, Urdu, Indonesian, Arabic or even Brunei.

These are the outputs of integration among reputable agencies as well as freelancers across Asian region. We focus on key factors that place emphasis on quality control, fast turnaround time and competitive cost, bringing real benefit to our customers.

We have one of the largest numbers of in-house native Translation professionals covering a variety of key subject areas. This workforce, strengthened by a large base of our freelance Malay translators, can ensure that we can meet your Translation project needs in the following areas without difficulty:

Translation, Proofreading and Editing

Software / Website Localization

Voice-over / dubbing for Corporate / Commercial Use

Subtitling for Film, Movies, DVD / VCD

Certificate Endorsement for Immigration Use